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Christopher J Ward
Engineer & Software

Welcome to my App Inventor Web Pages

App Inventor, a Web based program, is a Smartphone App development environment which you can use to define almost any kind of App via your Browser (Firefox or Chrome). It has a very nice GUI and you create code via simple drag and drop of Code 'Blocks'. It is free to use and whatever you create is yours, royalty free. App Inventor was originally the work of Google. For some time now it has been MIT's baby (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It's both a great way to learn to code and to actually build Apps that you can distribute.

App Inventor is popular! Over 1 million unique active users per month, across 195 countries, have created a total of over 85.4 million Projects.

My pages about App Inventor and related things such as microcontrollers are full of useful links, tips, charts, free code snippets and plenty of good guidance. Hope you find them useful!

App Inventor Tips & Tricks

All the Really Useful Stuff! App Inventor, Bluetooth, Microcontrollers. Get yourself a cup of tea and spend ten minutes reading!

  Tips and Tricks  

App Inventor Error Codes and HTTP Status Codes

App Inventor Developers:
When your App receives an Error Code, it needs to handle the error as gracefully as possible, keeping the User informed when necessary.

  Error Codes  

Java and Scheme Keywords plus Reserved Characters

App Inventor Developers:
Do not use these words as a Project Name, Screen Name, Variable Name or Procedure Name!

  Keywords & Reserved Characters  

Smart Phone Sizes

Popular Android Smartphone/Tablet Screen sizes. Also: How to set Developer/Debug Mode

  Smartphone Screen Sizes  

Code Snippets

Free code that you can use in your own App Inventor Apps

  Free Code Snippets