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Christopher J Ward
Engineer & Software

Easy Jotter for Android

Everyone needs Easy Jotter!

Jot down that important note, reminder, shopping list.

  • Easy to use - your great grandmother can use it!
  • Simple yet powerful
  • Save for later use/edit
  • Copy to/from Clipboard
  • Zoom feature
  • Set the GUI colours
  • Set the GUI language (right-to-left not supported)
  • Free and absolutely no advertisments

Open List of Saved Notes
Settings: Change GUI colour, GUI Language
Privacy Statement (Online)
Help (you are already here!)
Pop Keyboard down out of the way
Exit Easy Jotter
Zoom In Text (Make text bigger)
Zoom Out Text (Make text smaller)
Save Current Note
Wipe (Erase) Current Note (does not delete Record)
Wiped (Erased) Note: Tap button again to restore
Copy Current Note to Clipboard
Paste (Append) Text from Clipboard
Delete Current Note Record (Permanent!)
Change GUI Background Colour
Change GUI Text Colour
Change GUI Language (right-to-left input not supported)
Go Back to Easy Jotter Main Screen